Sabs Exports owns six state of the art and fully integrated manufacturing units with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million circular knits pieces, 0.5 million pieces in flat knits and 0.5 million Men’s shirts.

Pattern Making

All patterns, grading and consumption are generated with state of the art software OPTITEX. All patterns and layer markers are generated on latest ALOGOTEX plotter ensuring optimum fabric efficiency while cutting. The patterns are cut using high precision GRAPHTIC cutter.



Our manufacturing units have a centralized cutting set up and we are well equipped with latest CAD/CAMS and cutting machines to ensuring precision and controlled fabric wastages. The cutting department is well supported with:

  • Eastman end cutters.
  • Eastman fabric Cutting machines.
  • Eastman Band knife machines.
  • Hashima Fusing machines with up to 900 mm belt width.


The company is well supported with its ancillary units having state of the art high speed (over 1000 rpm) Barudan machines, handling the most intricate and complex designs up to nine colours. The units are capable of generating faster turn around with 240 heads at its disposal.



The sewing division at Sabs Exports is well equipped with state of the art 900 sewing machines to produces 3.5 million pieces annually. With such an enormous production capacity, precision and performance is a crucial aspect for us. Following machines form an integral part of our Stitching department:

  • Single needle Lock stitch (UBT): Juki & Siruba
  • Double needle chain stitch machine: Siruba
  • Special zig zag decorative stitch machine: Siruba
  • 4&5 thread over lock: Juki, Yamato& Siruba
  • Feed of the Arm: Juki
  • Flat Lock machines with trimmer and suction: Yamato & Siruba
  • Vertical Edge cutter: Siruba
  • Collar Contour trimming machine: Ngai shing
  • Front placket attaching machine: Kansai
  • Multi needle chain stitch machine: Kansai
  • Blind Hem machine: Siruba
  • Pearl Stitch machine: Siruba

Washing-Dry Cleaning

Sabs is equipped with state of the art  washing and dry cleaning machines to support its huge production capacity. The plant is capable of washes like Softener wash, Enzyme wash and CPL process to reduce shrinkage level and has Perc dry-cleaning machine for stainless merchandise. The type of machines and its capacity is:

  • Perc machine: Renzacci, Italy
  • Washing machine: Ram sons
  • Hydro Extractor: Ram sons &Fab care
  • Tumble Dryer: Ram sons


The finishing department is well supported with latest machines and trained personnel to ensure flawless merchandise. The finishing process is followed by the final inspection which is done carefully by in-house professional quality analysts. At Sabs Exports, we ensure quality by all means which is precisely the reason behind our success.

  • The finishing is well supported with:
  • Vacuum Ironing Tables: Ram sons
  • Thread Cutting Machine: Clean Tech
  • Thread sucking Machines: Ram sons
  • Stain Removing Machines: Ram sons
  • Metal Detector Machine: Hashima